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Preachers Who Don’t Really Preach

Preaching is hard. I’ve done it with mixed results. There have been times where feedback was great. The message felt great – it was time, concise, and to the point. There were other times when I was off, and there were even more times where I was way off.

I’ve done come mic hogging without realizing it (I think once or twice).

It’s hard, but it’s also a privilege. What pains me the most is when this privilege is abused.

One area where this privilege is abused the most is faith healing.

In fact, I immediately mistrust any preacher who begins their message with “is there someone here with a back problem? You are healed,” or “I woke up in the middle of the night, I saw the clock and it said 4:03 am. I began to pray, and God told me that there was a woman here this morning who was having trouble breathing. Sister, you are healed.”

I just can’t help but do a face slap each time. Not because I do not believe in the power of healing, but because these claims of healing are unverifiable. A preacher who is deliberately trying to show of their “gift” of healing will often say something very general. Back pain is as general as you can get. And if no one responds to their call, the preacher will claim that the individual is shy, and that regardless of their shyness, they are healed.

Here you can find a list of the techniques many of these false “faith healers” use. One point that the article makes is this: if these faith healers are true, then why not just walk into a hospital, pray over people, and heal everyone there?

No one has supernatural powers. The Bible tells us that anyone can pray to God and ask for healing. Whether or not they will receive the healing is up to God.

Keep your eyes and ears open by friends.

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