My Testimony

In Jainism, there is a concept known as Moksha where one annihilates all karma (good and bad) and become a Siddha (one that has attained the ultimate goal). They can then go on to Moksha where their souls are finally freed from the endless cycle of birth and death (reincarnation), and ultimately achieve it’s pure self.


At a young age, I asked myself one question: “What if I don’t want to go to Moksha?”


This question plagued me since that young age. Every day was a struggle to find the answer because I had so many doubts.


I have never been one to follow something simply because I was told to. I am a truth seeker and being so compels me to question everything before I believe it. I went from book to book, one school of thought to another, trying to learn about religion and what my purpose was on this planet.


Eventually, I settled back into Jainism because it was simply too scary to even think about converting to another religion. So I began to follow Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu and focused my efforts on meditation.


The first few times, I felt really amazing. If felt this internal power within me, and I was happy. I thought I had achieved a “higher level of self”.  As I went deeper into meditation, I began to use it as a means to run away from my problems. I buried my problems deep within, and pretended that they didn’t exist.


If I were to use an analogy, I would say that I was like a car. Most people take pretty good care of their cars and they notice if something were to go wrong. Now imagine if something was to go wrong with your car but you ignore it and keep going. Slowly, other parts of the car begin falling apart but you refuse to acknowledge that something is wrong. The door begins creaking, the rear view mirror cracks, etc. Eventually, the damage grows inward and your engine starts breaking down, and you continue to ignore the problem. There are only two options available at this point. Either you continue to ignore the problem until it all falls apart one day and the car stops running altogether or you realize that something is wrong and address the problem.


That is exactly what was happening to me. I kept ignoring the major problems in my life…and eventually became the victim of my own ignorance.


Since the age of 13, my belief in God was slowly disappearing, to the point where I eventually considered myself an atheist. In Jainism, there is no clear-cut definition of God, which is why it can be considered polytheistic, monotheistic, non-theistic, or atheistic – depending on who you ask.


A religion with no clear-cut definition of God is like reading a math textbook that gives you multiple formulas for one “problem”, all leading to a different answer. The catch is that there is no answer key, so no one, not even your teacher, knows whether or not your answer is correct.


God was quite a big problem for me. On one hand my reasoning would not allow me to accept anything that I could not see. And yet, there was so many things that Jains believed in which were unseen and unknowable (karma, reincarnation, moksha, etc.) So could the idea of an all-powerful God which created the entire universe really be too far fetched of an idea?


Explaining the philosophical questions and arguments battling in my mind will be covered in a different post. However, what eventually led me accept the possibility of  God were two things:


  • Occam’s Razor – this is a principle from philosophy which states that when presented with multiple explanations for an occurrence, the simpler one is far better. Karma theory and Jain cosmology are far too complex when pitted against the simple idea of a Creator God.
  • Argument from Probability – related to Occam’s Razor, the idea that both large scale and small scale events in life could not simply be based on chance. Meaning that a coincidence is more likely to be a miracle due to the probability of it occurring is extremely small.


The Case for Christ

What immediately followed was a gift from a friend through their sunday school teacher, who would later become my teacher. It was a book called The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. In the book, atheist Lee Strobel investigates the truth claims of Christianity by interviewing a dozen experts in the areas of old manuscripts, textual criticism, and biblical studies.


Although the book did not convince me of Christianity, it did surprise me that one can thing so logically about organized religion. Previously I had thought that all religions were based on traditions and outdated rules. Although you could make philosophical arguments in areas of God’s existence and morality, there was no way that you could logically prove one religion over the other.

This book opened up to me the world of Christian apologetics.


Sangeeta Jain

My inquisitive mind was in full charge mode. I had to find out for myself if the claims made in Lee Strobel’s book were true. In one my Google searches, I came across the testimony of Sangeeta Jain and her family.


Sangeeta Jain is a Jain who found Jesus Christ. Her entire family converted! When she was ten years old, she was in an accident that left her crippled. Her parents tried everything and took her to every priest they could find.


Nothing worked.


A Christian neighbor then invited the family to church with him. Since they were desperate, they went. The service felt alien to them and they expected nothing. When the pastors prayed for Sangeeta, she was filled with a spirit the family could not explain. The church members told them that she had been filled with an evil spirit which had to be eradicated. They returned to the church a few more times so that the church members could remove the spirit


During the times she went to church, Sangeeta’s mother recited Jain prayers. She didn’t put her trust in Jesus. In the article, out of complete frustration, her mother finally said, “Jesus Christ, I need your help,” and in that instant, she felt joy like never before. All her fears had disappeared. They later found out that the spirit within her daughter was not an evil spirit at all, but the living spirit of God.


Final Acceptance

There was a moment where I finally closed my eyes, and said “Jesus Christ, I need your help.” That was the moment of my final surrender, where I felt the Holy Spirit fill me with joy beyond imagination.


God had spoken to me. He had been speaking to me for years through all my philosophical quandaries and exploration. This was the way that He brought me to His doorstep. When my mind could no longer make sense of the world around me, when confusion filled every crevice of my soul, I surrendered my life and my wisdom to God, who showed me the way to His son.



  1. Well my young bro Parth , I give God the creator of heaven & earth the glory. Because you have a faith that no one can take from you. God has revealed himself to you because you seached and you have finally found eternal salvation by accepting God’s free gift , the son Jesus as your Lord of Lord’s & King of King’s as your savior. God knew you before the creation of the world. I actually cried when I heard that you accepted God’s gift-Jesus the Christ, because I have always kept you & your love ones in my prayers. I was begginning to wonder if I was making a difference for God. I interceded in prayer & God showed himself faithful. May the Holy Spirit continue to teach you as you hunger & thrist for God’s Heavenly knowledge understanding & wisdom. May the peace of Jesus always be with you.

  2. Parth, what you had was a divine encounter. Scripture says, “search and you will find”. You found when you sincerely and openly searched. You can test whether the truth you found was the right one by looking at your changes. If it produces godly characters in you, if you experience peace with God and with fellow men, then you are in the right path and no one can argue with you against your own testimony. Congratulations and I strongly believe that God has greater plans about you.

  3. Parth, I am truly inspired by the passion that you have and hope you grow more in your daily walk with Christ. This testimony was a blessing! Thanks 🙂

  4. Amazing testimony! God has shown you comfort and peace through His Son! Your ministry starts here and I know that He will bring you far to prosper His kingdom the way He sees you fit. Continue to walk this faithful road my man. Stay truthful to who you are and to what you believe in so that others may see the light shine through you. This world constantly hinders us with difficulties, stresses, and the like but I am so happy to know that you have found comfort through Jesus. The journey has started and He will guide you through it to touch the lives of many through your testimony. Praise God!

  5. Reading your testimony just fills me with joy. I’m just so glad that you’ve been set free… truly free. I’ll be praying for you bro.

  6. Hey Parth
    I think I am rereading this for the third time and I am still awe how God is working in you. Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

  7. Dearest Parth,
    Reading this testimony was a true inspiration for me because I see the strength, courage and passion that motivated you to write it. It was not by man but by God. Watching the choices that you have been making, makes me proud to know you. The fearlessness that you display in the face of utter catastrophe is astonishing. You could lose everything: Your friends, and especially your family and yet you strand firm in your faith; not only that, you share it with others.
    One can never serve two masters. This is a quote you will become very accustomed to hearing. I knew you when you served only yourself and your desires and I see you now as someone you is the epitome of selflessness. This change is hard for some to grasp because they are so scared to let the old you go, since they only KNOW the old you. They don’t wish to know the new because it is unfamiliar and it is simply easier to believe that this change is bad rather than good. Never resent them. Just remember, they know not what they do.
    Furthermore, you must always remember that God would never allow anything to happen that you cannot handle. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Know that no matter what, you have someone watching your back. Always.

  8. Your testimony is awesome….both hearing about it and reading about it shows how much just having god in your life can change any persons view on what life is. God has really brought out a passion in you and others will be able to see that in you through your life. Stay strong in your Christian walk and god will use you in ways that you never even thought about before. Continue to be a blessing to all those who you come in contact with.

  9. Parth,
    It is so incredible how God works in the lives of people and how he transforms those who submit and yield to His will. He will truly reveal Himself to those who are earnestly seeking the Truth.
    I will pray that you continue to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot wait for all the amazing things God is about to do in your life. :]

  10. Dear Parth, your testimony has really encouraged me. I am so happy that you have decided to accept Christ as your personal savior. God bless, I am praying for you.

  11. Parth!!

    It is very awesome knowing that God is speaking to you! Your passion is unquestionable, and God has only begun to use you! Completely be dependent on Him.God Bless!!!

  12. You testimony is truly life changing. It’s just inspiring to know that you were bold enough to take this step which has really encouraged us to step up and be the representatives for God that we were called to be. May God continue to bless you in your new walk of faith.

  13. “I can’t live my whole life WASTING, all the grace that I know YOU’VE given. Cause you made me for so much more than sitting on the side lines. I don’t want to look back and wonder, if good enough…could have been better. Every day is a day that is borrowed…so WHY am I waiting for tomorrow?” Mandisa- Waiting For Tomorrow

    I am so happy that you did not put this off. You never waited for tomorrow. That is the sign of someone standing firm in the Lord.

    I am praying that you’re parents’ eyes are opened and they see how alive you have become. I hope they see the light shining brightly from within you. It is so bright that strangers are BLINDED by its brilliance. I hope they accept you for who you are. I’ll pray for ya bro.

  14. Dear parth!!

    It is very wonderful Testimony. we all are praying for u. May god richly bless u. we are happy that u accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

  15. Dear Parth!!

    Our good Lord called you with a great potential that can draw many perishing soul to the throne of God. Your testimony is so touching and I felt it like a seed that is going to reap many folds. I pray for you to keep up the stand so strong. So that through you many will know Christ. Thank Lord!. Let us pray together.

    1. Incredible! Awesome and inspiring!Thank you for pontisg this we all need a little nudge or reminder’ once in awhile to help us keep going the right direction. You’re right, some people may be offended’ by you pontisg this on a business blog but oh, well! They were warned first so they didn’t HAVE to read it or watch the video.Hope you don’t mind, I passed the link on to several friends and family.BTW I’m practically your neighbor, I live just south of Brooksville.

  16. As I was scanning thrgouh your email trying to decide if I should opt-out, just because I get too many emails nothing personal, I saw the words: I believe in the power and grace of God. If you do not youmay not want to visit the link below. As I believe in the power and the grace of God, and I can do all things thrgouh Christ, who strengthens me , I had to click on the link. I am very glad I did.I have been seeing more and more people opening up their love for Christ in their emails, and blogs. Isn’t it wonderful?

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